Product Review Policy

We examine a lot of volleyball equipment here at Phase Volleyball, including volleyball shoes, knee pads, volleyballs, and much more. customers frequently seek guidance online before making purchasing selections, and a large aspect of the Volleyball Vault brand is to educate and advise customers on which things are the best fit for their needs.

In general we use a “Best x For Y” style of article to go over a number or products best fit for certain situations and scenarios. We try our utmost to make these articles as valuable as possible with valid up to date information and reviews.

We’ve written quite a few of these type of articles here on Phase Volleyball so let’s go over how we go about researching and evaluating the products we display in the articles we write.

We Strive to Help

The goal of this site is to be as helpful as possible, no excuses.

Because of this philosophy we want our reviews to be as authentic as possible. We only review and write about the products we think are the best fit, no matter the financial incentives. (We don’t promote products simply because they’re high priced or commissions are high, we’re most comfortable when we promote actually good products)

Hopefully with this philosophy in mind we can be seen as a trustworthy advocate for your needs as opposed to a soul-less blog looking to make a few bucks.

Hands on Reviews

We strive our best to perform in-depth and intensive research to find out what the best products are for each scenario.

While we try our best to promote products we’ve used in the past, this may not always be the case. Some of our product reviews are based on community feedback, reviews, and research. That being said we make sure every product listed in any one of our articles at Phase Volleyball is an amazing product for you.


We’re here to help out and make sure you have the best information for the choices you make. That being said it’s unfortunately not feasible to buy and physically test every product that we review on our site. For every product, no matter what, we perform the utmost in research to make sure the product fits well into the article we’re placing them in.

Our research includes a culmination of general product reviews, video reviews, manufacturer information, first hand experience, and other scoured sources of information.

Frequent Updates

We make sure to update our articles and product reviews as often as possible to make sure you have the best reviews and comparisons to make your buying decisions.

At Phase Volleyball we strive to update each and every product as well as replace old products with newer versions or better gear.