Best Volleyball Setters 2023: Top 10 Players to Watch


Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it’s no surprise that there are some amazing setters out there. From club teams to international tournaments, middle blockers rely heavily on the skills of their pro volleyball player setters to deliver perfect sets for them to spike.

The ability of volleyball setters to accurately place a ball for hitters to hit is a crucial skill; without a good setter, volleyball players will struggle offensively.

It takes years of practice and dedication for a pro volleyball player to become a masterful volleyball setter, but these athletes have mastered this complex position! Working closely with hitters on their clubs, they make sure every season is a success.

Let’s take a look at who stands out as the best setters and hitters in volleyball today, especially in top clubs. Additionally, there are some rising stars among the junior players, including Pankov.

10. Alisha Glass

Alisha Glass is one of the greatest setters in volleyball history, known for her exceptional assists on the court. As fate would have it, she was born to be a part of this great game; her parents both had played collegiate volleyball and went on to coach teams as well. Alisha took after them, hitting the court early as a junior with determination and passion that could not be quelled. She later joined various clubs where she honed her skills as one of the best hitters in the game.

It’s no surprise then that as a junior player, she quickly rose through the ranks of amateur volleyball clubs and soon made international stardom for her incredible skills as a setter. She has an innate ability to read opposing team’s formations and anticipate their strategies – something which makes her stand out even amongst other elite athletes. With each season, her nationality became more well-known as she continued to dominate on the court.

Her decision-making abilities as a big ten setter and good volleyball setter are also second-to-none when it comes to setting up plays and coordinating moves within her own squad. Despite being only 5’5′, Alisha has earned the respect of all volleyball players who take the court against her or watch from afar as she continues to dominate in today’s competitive landscape.

Her technical precision, quick reflexes, and leadership qualities make her an unstoppable force for women’s volleyball clubs. Without question, Alisha Glass will go down in history as one of the best setters ever seen in professional volleyball – perhaps even rivaling some of the sport’s most legendary players. Her assists per season are a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication to the game.

Moving forward into the next section about Micha Hancock

9. Micha Hancock

Alisha Glass, a talented American volleyball setter, has had an impressive career with numerous victories and awards. Her exceptional technical ability to read opposing teams’ strategies has led to countless assists and successful seasons. As a woman in the sport, she has dominated the court and made history as one of the most skilled setters of her nationality. In 2012, she proudly earned an Olympic gold medal for Team USA.

Now we move onto another stand-out setter: Micha Hancock. Although she was not as widely known when compared to Alisha Glass, this American woman quickly rose through the ranks due to her amazing ball control and decision making abilities. Her impressive season stats included a high number of assists, making her a valuable asset to any team. Despite her nationality being American, her skills on the court were recognized worldwide.

Over the course of her college career at Penn State University, she led the women’s Nittany Lions to three consecutive NCAA Division I Volleyball Championships (2013–2015) as a good setter. As a senior player, she achieved remarkable success by becoming only the fourth four-time All American selection in program history with impressive assists and standing at 6 ft tall.

Micha Hancock’s impressive skillset in assists combined with her excellent leadership qualities and towering height of 6 ft makes it clear why she stands out amongst other great setters in volleyball today. Additionally, despite being relatively new to professional leagues like FIVB Women’s Club World Championship and Pan American Games, she continues to prove herself as a force to be reckoned with on the court.

With this kind of star power behind her game, there’s no telling how far Michal will go in continuing cementing herself as one of the best setters in volleyball moving forward. Looking ahead then, Carli Lloyd, who also boasts impressive assists, awaits us…

8. Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd is an incredible setter who has made a massive impact on the sport of volleyball. She’s been playing for over 10 years and continues to be one of the top players in the world today. Her skill, precision, and leadership have all combined to make her one of the best setters ever seen, with numerous assists to her name. Lloyd’s talent is not limited to just women’s volleyball, as she has also proven herself against men’s teams.

  1. A masterful court leader – Carli knows exactly how to control a game from start to finish; managing her team with ease, dictating play and guiding them towards victory.
  2. A technical genius – From short sets to long distance bombs, Carli can do it all with pin-point accuracy as she consistently puts her teammates in positions where they can succeed.
  3. An inspiring figure – With her infectious enthusiasm and passion for the game, Carli leads by example both on and off the court! Everyone around her feels empowered when she’s in charge – making her not just one of the best setters but one of the most inspirational figures in volleyball history too.

Carli Lloyd is truly an extraordinary player that deserves every plaudit thrown at her – especially with her impressive assists record. This brings us nicely onto our next subject: Simona Quadarella, who has set the bar high for both men and women in the sport.

7. Simona Quadarella

Simona Quadarella is one of the best setters in volleyball today, known for her exceptional assists. Her ability to read the court, her quickness and agility, and her precision passing have made her a leader on the Italian National Team. She’s been part of some big victories for Italy over the years, including winning gold at the 2019 European Championships with her impressive assists.

Quadarella has an impressive resume when it comes to playing club volleyball as well. She was named MVP of both Serie A1 and SuperLega during the 2018-2019 season while leading Imoco Volley Conegliano to their second consecutive national title with her exceptional assists and set skills.

At just 6’0″, she may not be the biggest player on the court but makes up for that with masterful decision making and ball control. This skill shines through whether she’s setting from behind or running plays off the net, resulting in numerous assists. Quadarella also excels at defensive play by reading hitters’ approaches and effectively distributing blocks around with ease; allowing her team to stay competitive no matter what situation they face. Transitioning into Yoana Palacios now, we can see how two different players use their unique talents to help their teams succeed…

6. Yoana Palacios

Simona Quadarella is a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball court, known for her exceptional assists. Her impressive career total of 634 sets across both domestic and international competitions speaks to her consistent excellence in this position, solidifying her place as one of the best setters in the sport today.

Next up on our list of greats is Yoana Palacios from Colombia. Over her professional career, she ranks second only to Quadarella when it comes to number of sets played – at 577 sets so far. But what makes Yoana stand out even more is her success rate. With over 80% success rate on all sets made, Palacios proves that quality counts just as much as quantity when it comes to being a top-tier setter. Notably, she has made a whopping number of assists throughout her career.

Yoana’s unique blend of skill, finesse, and assists certainly puts her among the elite few who have mastered the art of setting.

As we look ahead to Jenny Lang Ping, we know there will be no shortage of talent, assists, and set excitement coming from China’s finest players.

5. Jenny Lang Ping

Jenny Lang Ping, one of the greatest setters in volleyball history, is known for her exceptional ability to provide assists. She was a cornerstone of China’s women’s national team for many years, and her uncanny ability to control the flow of any match make her one of the most revered players in all of volleyball.

  • Jenny had great court vision: she could read opposing teams like a book and adjust accordingly.
  • With her quick reflexes, she could direct plays with precision timing.
  • Even when opponents would outnumber or overwhelm her blockers, Jenny found ways to keep them off balance by manipulating their defense at will.

Her mental prowess combined with physical agility made Jenny nearly unstoppable as a setter. She had remarkable command over ball placement, enabling her to move it around defenders and find open spots on the court. Moreover, she often created scoring opportunities by strategically placing sets where few other players dared attempt them.

In short, there are very few setters who have ever matched Jenny’s level of skill and technical acumen. This combination of traits helped propel China’s national team into international prominence across multiple decades – both during matches featuring international rivals as well as those against domestic competition.

As such, Jenny set the bar high for future generations of female athletes not just in China but around the world to thrive through hard work and dedication to excellence. Her legacy continues to inspire young volleyball stars today as they strive to set new heights in their own careers.

It is no wonder that so many consider Jenny Lang Ping one of the best setters ever seen in volleyball – if not its absolute finest exponent! Transitioning now to Foluke Akinradewo…

4. Foluke Akinradewo

Jenny Lang Ping is one of the best setters in volleyball. Her exceptional technique and skill have been revered by many, inspiring generations of players to imitate her style of play. A true trailblazer, Jenny has inspired a new era of success for the Chinese National Team that will be remembered for years to come.

Foluke Akinradewo is another renowned setter who stands out among some of the greatest ever. Hailing from Florida, Foluke was an All-American collegiate player before she went on to make history as an Olympian with USA Volleyball. She is known for her strong court vision and competitive spirit; qualities which have earned her multiple awards including being named MVP at the 2012 FIVB World Grand Prix Final Round.

Hannah Tapp’s story is no less remarkable than those that came before her. As part of the legendary Minnesota Gophers team, Hannah won four consecutive Big Ten Championships while becoming one of only three players in NCAA Division 1 Women’s Volleyball History to record over 2,000 kills and digs each during their career. She also set many records throughout her impressive career.

With such impressive accomplishments already under her belt, Hannah continues to demonstrate why she will go down as one of the great setters when it comes time for fans and experts alike to reflect upon this golden age in volleyball history. As we look forward towards the future, we can take comfort knowing that Hannah Tapp will continue to be a beacon of excellence on the court both now and into eternity.

3. Hannah Tapp

Hannah Tapp is widely regarded as one of the best setters in volleyball today. She was recently awarded the NCAA Division I Player of the Year award for her exceptional performance and leadership on the court this year.

Her ability to accurately place balls into open spots on the court, while also being able to make quick decisions, has made her a top-notch player that many coaches would love to have in their starting lineups. Tapp’s skill at reading swings and blocks from opponents allows her to perfectly anticipate where hitters need sets ahead of time, making it easy for them to attack with confidence. Moreover, she plays an incredibly smart game by creating different angles with every contact point; something that few setters can match. In addition, she uses deceptive hand movements when setting which causes confusion among blockers who are unable to find out exactly what kind of set they will be receiving until it’s too late.

Her impact on the game goes beyond just her individual statistics and awards though – even more impressive is how much success teams seem to experience when she is part of a roster. Teams led by Hannah Tapp always appear ready and willing to take risks which often leads them deep into tournaments and championships. This ability to set the tone for her team is what makes her such a valuable player.

With such strong skillset and capacity for achieving great results, it’s no surprise why some consider Hannah Tapp among if not the best setter in volleyball right now. Heading into next season, there’s no doubt that all eyes will be on Tapp as she looks to lead her team once again towards greatness. And with Kyla Richey waiting in the wings, anything could happen!

2. Kyla Richey

Kyla Richey is one of the most well-known setters in volleyball today. Her impressive skill has made her a top choice for many teams across the world. She boasts an impressive career with several national championship wins and multiple All-Star awards to her name.

Her technical expertise on court, coupled with her tactical acumen, makes her one of the best setters around. Whether it’s setting up plays or running fast breaks, she does it all with precision and finesse that few can match.

No matter what team she’s playing for, Kyla always delivers outstanding results in every game. Throughout her years as a setter, Kyla has been praised by coaches and other players alike for being able to make quick decisions and read defenses accurately under pressure.

Her ability to lead a team through difficult moments has earned her much respect from fans everywhere—she truly is one of the greatest setters ever seen.

As we set move on to discuss Gabi Schmid’s accomplishments, it’s clear that Kyla Richey will remain an influential figure in the sport for many years to come.

1. Gabi Schmid

Gabi Schmid is one of the best setters in volleyball. She has been recognized for her impressive setting abilities since she first stepped onto the court, and that recognition has only grown over time. To deny that Gabi Schmid is not among the elite setters would be to ignore the facts.

On top of being an incredibly talented player, it’s clear that Gabi puts a lot of effort into honing her skills: she spends countless hours working on technique, often practicing with teammates or coaches to perfect her set; she studies game film and analyzes set plays from opponents; and most importantly, she genuinely loves playing volleyball and competing against others. This combination of talent and dedication makes it easy to understand why Gabi is considered one of the top players at her position.

Here are just some of her accomplishments:

  • Selected as MVP for three seasons in a row
  • Led team to two consecutive championships
  • Holds school record for assists

As if all this wasn’t enough, Gabi brings something intangible to her teams – leadership. Through hard work and determination, she sets an example for everyone around her by never taking shortcuts when striving towards success. In addition, through both words and actions, she encourages those around her to reach their own potential.

Clearly then, Gabi Schmid stands out as one of the premier setters in volleyball today due to both tangible successes and intangibles like leadership qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Differences Between Indoor And Beach Volleyball Setting?

When it comes to setting in volleyball, there are distinct differences between indoor and beach settings.

When playing indoors, setters need to have a more acute awareness of the court space around them as they have more limited mobility due to the walls.

In addition, due to the larger size of an indoor court, sets will typically be higher than those seen on a beach court.

Conversely, when playing outdoor beach volleyball, setters must take into account wind conditions that can affect their accuracy; plus they’ll need to make use of the whole available court area since there are no walls or other obstructions.

Ultimately, both skill-sets require different techniques but they also share some commonalities such as using good hand placement and timing when passing the ball.

What Type Of Training Do Setters Need To Become Successful?

Setters need to be highly skilled at reading the court, and possess great hand-eye coordination. They must also have a good understanding of all the positions on the court and how they can use those to their advantage.

To become successful, setters should practice drills specific to setting such as footwork drills and platform control drills.

Other important training for setters includes focusing on communication with teammates by honing their decision making skills in game situations and working together with other players to make adjustments as needed.

What Are The Most Important Skills For Setting?

Setting is the backbone of volleyball and requires a unique set of skills. A successful setter must possess excellent timing, hand-eye coordination, decision making, court vision, physicality and mental toughness in order to thrive.

Timing is key when setting; it’s important to know when to time your sets accurately with the jumpers’ approaches while being able to read the defense as they move around the court.

Having good hand-eye coordination allows for precision passing and quick set releases which will give your team an edge over opponents.

Decision making is essential in every set too – knowing how to make decisions quickly based on what’s happening in front of you can be the difference between winning or losing a point.

Court vision helps identify potential opportunities for attack or defensive strategies; this knowledge should be used to maximize chances at success.

Finally, both physicality and mental toughness are vital attributes that keep players focused during long rallies and intense matches. When combined together, these skills form the foundation of any great setter!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Good Setter On A Team?

Having a good setter on any volleyball team can be extremely beneficial.

Setters are responsible for setting up the offense, which is why having an experienced and knowledgeable one who understands how to read the defense and make accurate sets to the right hitters is so important.

A good setter also helps organize their teammates in terms of rotations and court positioning, providing valuable leadership and guidance that keeps everyone on the same page throughout each point.

The ability to control tempo with smart decisions is another key aspect of being a high-quality setter, as it allows teams to dictate play instead of just reacting to what their opponents do.

All these factors combined can have a huge impact on a team’s performance and success.

How Often Should A Setter Practice Drills To Improve Their Performance?

Setters are the backbone of a successful volleyball team, so it’s important that they practice drills regularly to improve their performance.

As an experienced volleyball analyst, I recommend setters practice at least twice a week – this will help them consistently hone their skills and provide the greatest impact on their team.

With regular practice, setting can become second nature for these players, allowing them to confidently take control of each game situation.

Coincidentally, mastering the art of setting is key for teams seeking success in competitive volleyball!


As a volleyball expert, I can confidently say that setters are the most important players on any team. Without them, there is no way to get the ball into play and create an offensive opportunity for the rest of a team’s players.

They require a tremendous amount of dedication, skill development and practice in order to truly become elite at their position. A great setter can completely transform how successful your team will be; they’ll help you win more games than ever before!

With proper training and commitment, anyone has the potential to become one of the best setters in all of volleyball.

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